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Naughty Desires: 10 Erotic Short Stories Tena Seldan

Naughty Desires: 10 Erotic Short Stories

Tena Seldan

Published March 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781623275747
162 pages
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 About the Book 

Naughty Desires is the third short story collection from erotica author Tena Seldan. Featuring ten naughty stories of interracial, fantasy and paranormal erotica, this collection contains five M/F stories and five with multiple partners. Decide if a robot can really be better than a human lover- follow the adventures of slutty and rebellious Charlotte in the Naughty Little Rich Girl trilogy- and see if sex is really the best medicine, as nurse Liza seduces everyone in the hospital that she comes across in the Nightshifts trilogy. Naughty Desires definitely lives up to its name as it brings out every playful craving you have!S.H.E. Robot: Perfect Lover?When porn king Robbie makes the decision to purchase the new female robot patented under the name S.H.E. Robot he had no idea he was getting the epitome of a woman and the perfect lover as well.Naughty Rich Girl 1Charlotte is the daughter of a filthy rich millionaire from the south. Her daddy controlled much of Charlottes life. When daddy goes away on business, Charlotte decides to rebel like she never has before. She takes it upon herself to seduce Marcus, the black man her dad has hired to work on their grounds and swimming pool.Naughty Rich Girl 2In part 2 of Naughty Little Rich Girl Charlotte and Marcus are up to their sexual escapades again. Even better than the thrill of sneaking around is the hot sex with Marcus. Charlottes best friend Veronica shows up for a visit, and things really start to heat up big time.Naughty Rich Girl 3When Charlottes father comes home, she quickly discovers that there are cameras planted all over the house. Will Charlotte and Marcus live happily ever after?The Adventures of Deandre Lewis 1Deandre loves women and he is the first to admit it. He sells designer womens shoes by day, and plays the role of a hot and seductive ladies man by night. He juggles his girls and tries his very best to keep them all satisfied. Then one day Deandre Lewis meets what may be his match when he stumbles upon a white girl named Chloe.The Adventures of Deandre Lewis 2Deandre is at it again! It has all worked out perfectly for Deandre in the past, until the day he meets up with Chloe Landers. She is different than any woman Deandre has ever had the pleasure of seducing. She isnt as easily swayed or drawn in by Deandres manly charms. This presents Deandre with a challenge like never before.The Adventures of Deandre Lewis 3Things heat up with Deandre and Chloe, but in a good way. Of course Deandre is still playing around with LaShonda and Bianca, but Chloe is the woman whos slowly but surely getting to his heart. He enjoys sex with Chloe more than he ever had before with any woman, but will Deandre be able to handle falling in love and all of the feelings that come along with it?Nightshifts 1Liza is always on the lookout for sex. She thinks about it, she fantasizes about it and when she gets it, she sure enjoys it. Shes a nurse who often works long shifts, sometimes twelve hours and needs a bit of excitement afterwards.Nightshifts 2Liza can never get enough sex. She starts her shift on time, and immediately begins to crave something in or around her. What she wants in that particular moment, however, is a fellow, blonde nurse by the name of Gretchen.Nightshifts 3Liza wants anything that strikes her fancy. From doctors and nurses, to patients and staff. She would say she likes to take care of her patients, but her taking care of goes well beyond what a normal nurse would do and does.